Santa Claus vs. Darth Claus Episode 2: Mad Sage

The plot thickens! Of course, the plot so far is so thin that paper would thicken it.


Santa Claus vs. Darth Claus Episode 1: Setting the Scene

Yes, it's the JB Webcomics 2011 Christmas Special! Special, because it means that I'm actually posting!


000-Deep Space 81

First things first. I abandoned the previous storyline largely because it had, in fact, no planned story. I've planned (although somewhat loosely) the story for this latest endeavor.

Second, I'm now making the comic using LDD's Lego Universe mode. It's very handy, has more parts than I could ever hope to have, and has them in every color.

Anyway, sorry for the long break since the last update. I'll try to post more frequently. Try. Try. Trr-rry. I'm not making any promises I won't keep.


Poll Results

Kurai Bara: 2 votes.
Yami Sukāretto: 2 votes.
Marūn Kage: 1 vote.
Kōraru Kōgeki: 2 votes.
Sabi Burēdo: 2 votes.


'K, I'll pick a name myself.


Well, what do you know!

I was posting on my other blog and decided to check how the poll was going. EIGHT VOTES. Seriously. If you stumbled on my blog, thanks for sharing your opinion.

Now, how about following it? I post more now! Really!

Edit: Make that nine votes! But there's four names with two votes! SOMEBODY CHANGE YOUR VOTE!